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Short Lessons

Charlotte Mason found amazing success using the tool of short lessons—lessons that span only ten to fifteen minutes for elementary students. I found this same tool to be extremely helpful in aiding my children’s retention. Here’s why I believe this works:

Studies show that we remember only the very first part and the very last part of what we read or hear. Therefore, our children are not retaining much in the middle of the reading or listening session. However, with short lessons, the beginning and end are much closer together. Thus, the amount of material in the middle is reduced.

charlotte mason short lessons 

The interesting thing is that those studies were done on adults. Why should we limit short lessons to little children with even shorter attention spans than adults? I believe older kids will also benefit from this technique. Perhaps break up a subject into two sessions. For example, read science for fifteen minutes, do math for fifteen, read literature for fifteen. Then repeat. The retention would be substantially increased. Or, we could have our older students implement five-minute breaks in their longer subjects, breaking up the material for increased retention. Perhaps they could wash the dishes during the break!

Shorter lessons are so important for our children’s ability to learn.

Not only do children who are forced to sit at the table doing math for an hour begin to hate math and school, they learn far less than the child who is given a short math lesson of ten to fifteen minutes.

I can say that after years of begging, pleading, and falling into frustrated despair over my children’s inattentiveness, I finally stumbled upon the answer. Oh, how I wish I had believed in short lessons before I did so much damage.

Please learn from my mistake! Employ the tool of short lessons and you’ll add value beyond measure to your child’s learning and will keep your sanity!

Read more about Charlotte Mason’s methodologies.

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3 thoughts on “Short Lessons”

  1. I think I messed up & my comment got lost in cyberspace. Anyway, I was saying I loved what you had to say here, and remembered listening to you share this with us at the MHEA (MS) conference in 2008. Also, my oldest daughter did Botany last year with 2 other families, and this year we will be doing Flying Creatures with 3 other families. We all love it, and we are thankful to you for writing these books. I spoke to you after one of your talks at our conference about my daughter and how she hated writing and how we had a hard time trying to do your books with her due to this, and you encouraged me that even if we didn't notebook, she would still learn a lot, and you were absolutely right! Thanks again!
    Tricia O (blessedbeingmom)

  2. I heard you speak on this at the MHEA conference in 2008 and loved it! This is always so encouraging. Thank you for sharing this!
    We love your science books and are planning to do Flying Creatures this year with 3 other families in our area. Last year we did Botany with two other families and the kids loved it! Thanks so much for writing these great books!

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