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My Roadmap to College and Career

Be sure to keep an eye out for my college prep planner, My Roadmap to College and Career, published by Apologia in 2018! It will help your child successfully navigate the high school and college waters, giving them the best opportunity for success in high school, college, career and life.

college prep

While most college prep manuals are written to parents, this college prep manual is for the student. It imparts all the student needs to know in a visually appealing, simplified planner that serves as the student’s:

• Planner

• 411 to Everthing High School

• Admissions Counselor

• Guide for Planning Out High School

• Resume Builder

• Record Keeper

• Checklist for Everything from Admissions to Moving to Colege

• Career Counselor

This product will be your lifeboat as you navigate the rip tides and undertows of high school and college planning.

Not only does it have a personality test that will help your students discover careers that are ideal for their unique personality, it gives guidance for creating a transcript, writing a resume, and keeping records for admissions and scholarship applications. It also gives tips and guidance for getting scholarships as well as how to minimize the expense of college, making it much more affordable or even free.

It is exactly what your student needs to take ownership of their journey from high school to college.

My husband, Jeff Fulbright, a practicing lawyer, wrote My Roadmap to College and Career with me. And we are so excited to share all of our insider info with you.


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