Take your elementary students on a journey through the universe this year!

Exploring Creation with Astronomy investigates everything in space, from the sun and moon to the galaxies and space travel. This one year course is written to the students using engaging prose that captures even the youngest child’s attention.

Through this in-depth study, your students will be able to answer questions that stump most adults: How do we tell a planet from a star in the night’s sky? What causes auroras? How does the sun’s light give us color? Why do we have seasons? How and why does the moon go through phases? And most importantly, how do thermonuclear fusion and short-period comets give us powerful evidence for a young earth creation model for origins?

Throughout each lesson, narration prompts encourage students to relate their new knowledge in their own words, increasing comprehension and retention. Included are creative and fun notebooking assignments and learning activities that further their experience with the lesson. Through experiments and projects, your students will engage in hands-on learning activities, such as building a small, but powerful rocket; constructing a telescope; experimenting to discover how a radar works; making a compass; and creating an actual model of a solar eclipse.

These and many more interesting learning adventures will become part of your child’s knowledge base as they become experts in astronomy over the course of the year.

In addition to reading, your children can now listen to Exploring Creation with Astronomy at home or in the car with the engaging, unabridged audio book read by Jeannie. A CD audio set and a MP3 audio CD are both available. To hear a sample click on the image below.

Increase your family’s enjoyment of Exploring Creation with Astronomy by making sure each child has his own Astronomy Notebooking Journal or for younger students, the Astronomy Junior Notebooking Journal. The journals include a daily schedule; fascinating facts and personal reflections pages; templates for completing the assignments; vocabulary crossword puzzles; review questions; activity documentation pages; Scripture copywork in both print and cursive; and fun lapbook-style miniature books that the students create. The junior journal has easier vocabulary crosswords, Scripture coloring pages, and primary writing lines.

The Astronomy Notebooking Journals bring your students’ learning and creativity together in one beautiful keepsake.