The Lord Will Fulfill His Purposes for Our Children

A new chapter in my homeschooling journey began a few years back. This is a stage you also will encounter in time. I'll call it the season of the college road trip. The funny thing is, I thought I had this all figured out when my daughter was younger, just entering high school. I had… Continue reading The Lord Will Fulfill His Purposes for Our Children


Obstacles in Our Homeschool Path

When God calls us to something as immense and life transforming as homeschooling, we can be sure there will be many obstacles in our path. Whether it's opposition from the non-homeschooling community, learning challenges with our children, character issues that surface, or the many fears, anxieties, and insecurities we find within ourselves, we can be… Continue reading Obstacles in Our Homeschool Path


The Prayer Journal: Slowing Down to Listen

One of the most valuable benefits of writing down my prayers as I pray them is slowing down to listen to God. It takes me much longer to write down my prayers than it does for me to think them. I can think, “Lord, I’ve really been selfish this week with my time” in 3… Continue reading The Prayer Journal: Slowing Down to Listen


A Powerful Prayer Life

How often have you found yourself sitting down to have a quiet moment of prayer and before a few minutes are up, your mind is totally focused on a completely different topic? This wandering mind syndrome overtakes us all at times and is the most common obstacle to a powerful prayer life. It has the potential… Continue reading A Powerful Prayer Life


My Personal Beliefs

As author of Apologia's Young Explorer Series, I feel it's important for people to know my personal beliefs, just so there's no confusion or doubt. I'm not speaking for Apologia or anyone else, but just for myself, a Creationist author. All of my books carry these beliefs throughout. I believe the Bible is the infallible, inerrant… Continue reading My Personal Beliefs

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Finding Peace in Your Homeschool

God wants you to have peace in your homeschool. Yet with so many decisions to make in a given day, homeschoolers are easy targets for anxious thoughts and peace often eludes us. Take a minute to think about your current struggles. What is making you anxious today? What is the most worrisome thing you face… Continue reading Finding Peace in Your Homeschool