Why You Should Homeschool

Where to begin? There are so many reasons why you should homeschool, the first being the freedom it affords you children—freedom to pursue an individualized education and life path that enables them to be true to themself and mature into the person God created them to be.  Freedom Let’s begin with academic freedom. Sadly, our nation… Continue reading Why You Should Homeschool

Charlotte Mason

Short Lessons for Homeschool Success

When it comes to passion for a child’s educational success, nothing rivals a homeschool mom. We diligently research the latest methodologies and put to test the newest curriculum. We devour books on education, creating sophisticated lessons based on newfangled ideas. Yet Charlotte Mason found amazing success using the age old, timeless and simple tool of… Continue reading Short Lessons for Homeschool Success


The Homeschool Journey

I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many new homeschoolers that have just begun their homeschool journey. Most of them find homeschooling a delight. As they spend each day with their children, they begin to glimpse into the windows of their little hearts and see things they didn’t know were there—good things and not so… Continue reading The Homeschool Journey


Socializing Your Homeschooler

Are homeschooled kids socially deprived? That’s what some people who don’t homeschool their children say. Of course these folks don’t understand the homeschool process or what socialization really looks like. Contrary to the conjecture of homeschool critics, I generally find homeschooled children to be remarkably bright, polite, and humble (this might have the appearance of social… Continue reading Socializing Your Homeschooler


Memory Work in the Homeschool

When I first began to homeschool, I read all about a classical and Charlotte Mason education. Soaking up every bit of teaching available, I became increasingly convinced of the merits of memory work. We launched into memory work full speed ahead, memorizing a variety of lists, from poetry to ancient Egyptian kings. My five year… Continue reading Memory Work in the Homeschool


Making Disciples – A Homeschool Mom’s Great Commission

Like many of you, I spent years in women’s Bible studies, growing in my knowledge and understanding of the Lord and His Word. I’m so thankful for that time of spiritual growth, and was loath to give it up for the homeschooling years. One day, during my quiet time, God impressed a profound truth upon… Continue reading Making Disciples – A Homeschool Mom’s Great Commission


Below is a list of some of my speaking topics. If you wish to have me speak at your event, please contact me at __________________________ 7 Easy Ways to Integrate the Charlotte Mason Method into Your Homeschool Implementing Charlotte Mason principles and approaches into your homeschool is not hard. You don’t have to toss… Continue reading Speaking