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How to Incorporate Narration into Your Homeschool

The one thing our family did right in our homeschool was to employ Charlotte Mason’s methodologies. As a veteran homeschool mom, I can say this with confidence because I see in my adult children today that same love for learning that was cultivated early in our homeschool—a love for learning that has carried them through their… Continue reading How to Incorporate Narration into Your Homeschool

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How Notebooking Benefits Your Child’s Learning

Early in my homeschool journey I discovered that Charlotte Mason’s methods were the most effective way of educating children. So I knew I wanted to apply her principles to my science books, specifically writing living books that delve deep into the subject matter, as well as using time-tested methods such as notebooking, narration, and hands-on… Continue reading How Notebooking Benefits Your Child’s Learning

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Notebooking: Cultivating Creativity

We all know how important knowledge is, but what about creative expression? Could it be that creativity is the missing link between joy and learning? Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” He believed creative expression to be an essential element of all academic… Continue reading Notebooking: Cultivating Creativity