Get ready to explore all things green and growing! From the anatomy of a tiny seed to the tops of the giant sequoias, your students will fall in love with the world God created right outside your door. In Exploring Creation with Botany, they’ll discover the fascinating inner workings of a flower by dissecting one, pollinating another, and growing their own to attract birds, butterflies, and bees. Your students will identify the plants and trees in your yard and will create their own field guides to match. From making herbal soap and tracking a leaf from its first days to its last, to exploring fern spores and measuring pollution with a lichenometer, your students will find the outdoor world full of fascinating facts and finds.

Nature walks, hikes, and camping will take on new meaning as you and your students comprehend the complexity and diversity God created within the Kingdom Plantae.

Exploring Creation with Botany

As with all the books in the Young Explorer series, every lesson includes wonderfully engaging text, narration prompts, and notebooking assignments that bring the subject to life. Students will make comic strips of pollinating creatures, write stories, diagram and illustrate roots from their yard and, of course, grow many things as they learn.

Your children will soon be able to listen to Exploring Creation with Botany at home or in the car with the engaging, unabridged audio book read by Jeannie. A CD audio set and a MP3 audio CD will both be available.

Increase your family’s enjoyment of Exploring Creation with Botany by making sure each child has his own Botany Notebooking Journal or for younger students, the Botany Junior Notebooking Journal. The journals include a daily schedule; templates for completing the assignments; vocabulary crossword puzzles; review questions; project pages; Scripture copywork in both print and cursive; gorgeous, full-color lapbook-style miniature books the students create; as well as additional projects, ideas, and book/video suggestions for each lesson. The junior journal has easier vocabulary crosswords and notebooking activities, Scripture coloring pages, and primary writing lines.