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The Buzzwood Bunch

Build a Love for Science Through Faith-filled Stories
Teach Your Children Science Organically Through Living Books
Follow the Adventures of Four Multi-Cultural Friends—Bellarose, Baylor, Benedict and Baxter. 
These Four Best Friends Discover Science as they Work to Right the Wrongs they Discover.
Your Children Will Grow a Fondness for Nature and an Organic Understanding of Phenology.
Build Your Children's Faith Through Delightful Rhyming Stories They'll Want to Hear Over and Over.
This Hardcover Textured Book Will Become a Treasured Addition to Your Library 

The Buzzwood Bunch Rescues the Frogs

Buzzwood Frog copy

When the Buzzwood Bunch go fishing in the pond, they discover a clump of frog eggs. Suddenly a big-mouthed catfish appears and swallows many of the eggs. The Buzzwood Bunch ask the Lord to help them rescue the frogs. Benedict has a great idea! They gather up the frog eggs and take them back to the treehouse where they build a habitat. They feed the tadpoles as they grow into frogs. When the Buzzwood Bunch returns the frogs to the pond, they are safe from the catfish and

The Buzzwood Bunch Saves the Butterflies


 The Buzzwood Bunch visit a butterfly pavilion where they learn all about the lifecycle of a butterfly. They think about how, just like the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, they became a new creation in Christ when they believed. But suddenly, they see a thief stealing the pupas and caterpillars. Bellarose runs to get an adult while Baylor, Benedict, and Baxter foil the plot of the thief. The Buzzwood Bunch Saves the Butterfly will delight your children with the adventures of these four multi-cultural friends who right the wrongs they see. Through this story, your children will learn science while they grow in their faith and find new friends as they read about the adventures of the Buzzwood Bunch.