Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason Techniques and Tips for Teaching

Do you want your children to love learning? To possess confidence, self-initiative, and an abiding motivation to learn? We all desire that our children become successful, and I believe educating your children using the Charlotte Mason model will ensure they become self starters who pursue learning with passion and the knowledge that they are capable of grasping any concept and succeeding in any endeavor. I know this because this is true of my four, very different children. Homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason methodology gave them a love for learning that they carried with them to college and career.

To learn about the various Charlotte Mason techniques and tips for teaching, click on the links below. (I will be adding more articles each week. So be sure to check back to learn more!)

Character Training



The Art of Leisure

Short Lessons

The Habit of Attention

Nature Study

Art the Charlotte Mason Way!



Laying a Foundation for Independence

Fostering Independent Learning

Teaching Geography