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Discover the electrifying, exhilarating, and energetic world of chemistry and physics with the newest book in the Apologia Young Explorer Series: Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics. Get ready for physical science like you’ve never experienced it before! This course will bring shock and awe to your science studies as you investigate the wacky world of matter and energy. With hundreds of hands-on demonstrations that bring science to life, you’ll soon be an expert on everything under the sun-including the thermal and solar energy from the sun itself! From atoms to Archimedes, nuclear energy to Newton’s Laws of Motion, sound to simple machines, and anything that turns on, lights up, or shocks you, you’ll discover the elements God used to create everything around you.

Better yet, you’ll learn the interesting laws that govern the world He made and the physics that keep it in motion.

With easy to understand explanations, interesting notebooking assignments, and a plethora of projects and experiments, Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics will bring back the joy of learning for everyone involved! The projects will have you manufacturing a homemade electric motor, creating Periodic Table of the Elements cookies, building batteries from surprising substances, making a mousetrap car, and much, much more! Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics covers topics you’ll need to know in junior high, high school, and beyond.

Now you can listen to Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics at home or in the car with the engaging, unabridged audio book read by Jeannie. A CD audio set and a MP3 audio CD are both available. To hear a sample click on the image below.

Increase your family’s enjoyment of Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics by making sure each child has his own Chemistry and Physics Notebooking Journal, or for younger students the Chemistry and Physics Junior Notebooking Journal. The journals include daily schedules; templates for completing the assignments and activities; vocabulary crossword puzzles; review questions; project pages; Scripture copywork in both print and cursive; gorgeous, full-color lapbook-style miniature books the students create; as well as many additional projects, experiments, ideas, and supplemental book/video suggestions for each lesson. The junior journal has easier vocabulary crosswords, Scripture coloring pages, and primary writing lines.

The Chemistry and Physics Notebooking Journals bring your students’ learning and creativity together in one beautiful keepsake.

To see samples of the Chemistry and Physics Notebooking Journals, click the images below.