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The Charlotte Mason Heirloom Planner

  • Hardbound heirloom quality vegan-leather made to last for generations
  • Generous 8.4 x 11.6 size in moss, navy, salmon, blue, and camel
  • Thoughtfully designed pages, illustrated with lovely watercolors
  • Pocket in the back holds important documents, photos, and mementos
  • Coordinating elastic strap holds your page open
  • Silk coordinating ribbon keeps your place
  • Instructions on separate card so that solely your memories are preserved

Every Week

You are gently mentored in the Charlotte Mason Model

A Scripture quote sets the week on the right path with inspiration and Truth
A Charlotte Mason quote and a life application tip from Jeannie will guide your week with purpose
Both personal and homeschool to-do lists will help you remember to get it done
Remembering to add nature study will give your family the necessary ingredients for joyful learning 
What habits will you focus on this week?  Ideas are on the Planner Perks pages
Who needs prayer? You have a daily reminder to bring it to the Lord each week
Self-care is essential for a happy homeschool mom whose cup is full
What book are you reading aloud this week? Write it down. You’ll want to remember these special moments
Weekly View
Weekly Plan

Every Month

A new opportunity to focus or refocus on your goals
What goals will you focus on this month?
Each month, an opportunity to record important events and dates to remember
Month at a glance

Every Month Brings more memories

Never again forget the special moments in your life

How many days do you remember of their childhood?
How many moments do you recall?
Do you remember every wonderful, exciting, funny thing that happened?
What about all the answered prayers?
Science reveals that we focus more on the negative events from the past. LET’S CHANGE THAT!
With this heirloom-in-the-making you will never forget these precious days.
Keep those treasured memories forever with your thoughts, memories, moments, and photos.
Monthly Memories

Begin Fresh Every New School Year

With plans and purposes to fulfill your mission

Verse for the Year
Personal Goals
Relationship Goals
Homeschool Goals
Field Trips and Nature Excursions List
Read Aloud List
Personal Book List

Begin Fresh Every New School Year

Because these days are worth treasuring for a lifetime