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What is Culture & Craft?

Created by two former homeschoolers who are now artistic professionals, Culture & Craft is a quarterly print magazine that ¬†helps you teach arts and humanities, without having to add another subject onto your homeschool to-do list. Jam-packed with exciting activities that will captivate your child’s imagination and open up new possibilities in their world of learning, our pages are full of poetry, artist studies, handiwork crafts, art projects, cooking, nature studies, photography lessons and more – all designed to spark your child’s curiosity and inspire them to explore the world around them and engage in the arts.

Culture & Craft

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Culture & Craft


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The Authors

Heather and Dana are former homeschoolers who have been friends for over two decades, and are both professionals in artistic fields. Because homeschooling enabled them to pursue their passions, they hope to use Culture & Craft to help instill a love for the arts and humanities in the next generation of homeschoolers.


“The funny thing is that we actually met in an art class at age 7, and have been friends ever since. Our multi-decade friendship has included many artistic collaborations, and we’re excited that our latest endeavor is helping educate in the arts.”