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The Very Best in Homeschool Curriculum and Tools

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Educating with excellence should be a joy that feels organic and seamless.  


For over twenty years, my curriculum has blessed families with a love for the Lord, science, art, writing, joy in nature, delight in learning, and ease in homeschooling. 


Today, I continue to create and publish the very best products to enrich your homeschool journey. 

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Apologia Elementary Science

Twenty years ago,  I wanted a science curriculum that left my children breathless to learn more. As a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, I required excellence in education and learning that would inspire a love for science. There was nothing out there.  So I wrote it myself.  And it’s been the best-selling science since then.

My Elementary through Middle Science Features:

Whole book immersion approach ~ the way children learn best
Creation science oriented with evidence clearly and concisely explained
Written with respect for a child’s intelligence in engaging, living prose
Narration prompts throughout each lesson ~ child restates what they learned
Notebooking assignments are creative fun, designed to increase retention
Projects and experiments expound on the learning, adding joy to the lesson
Apologia Science

The Right Nature Journal

Nature Journaling has been shown to increase scientific thinking and observation, as well as the habit of attention and focus, as it develops neuroplasticity in the forming of neural connections in the brain, while benefiting physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health and well-being. Adults and children should develop the habit of nature journaling as a life-long family activity. 


Hunter Green

140 lb. acid-free watercolor paper  64 pages with back pocket  silk ribbon and elastic strap  vegan leather hard cover

Ocean Blue

140 lb. acid-free watercolor paper  64 pages with back pocket  silk ribbon and elastic strap  vegan leather hard cover

Camel Brown

140 lb. acid-free watercolor paper 64 pages with back pocket silk ribbon and elastic strap vegan leather hard cover

THE PERFECT Homeschool Planner


This is the planner you have always wanted. It will keep you focused on the things that really matter: the Lord, Prayer, Nature, Self-Care, Excellence in Education and Collecting Treasured Memories that will last for Generations. 


Adventure Time Travel Series

Ages 6-12


Go on the adventure of a lifetime with Marco and his dog Rumble as they travel back to the dinosaur days and learn all about creation science, Bible history, ride a diplodocus, avoid a triceratops stampede, sneak past Nephilim, and rescue a giant spinosaurus before it eats them alive.