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Bringing effortless joy and educational excellence to your homeschool.

Coming This Summer!

Top 10 Reasons to Homeschool

Uncomplicated and Effortless


Living Streams, authored by Ann Troast and supplemented by Jeannie Fulbright, is an uncomplicated, effortless Charlotte Mason curriculum that brings joy and freedom to homeschool families.

Homeschool Family Tested


Ann wrote this curriculum to bless the families in her co-op with a simplified approach to implementing the Charlotte Mason model. Her weekly schedules brought easy joy and grew in popularity. Because of growing interest, she began offering her curriculum to families outside the co-op. 


And now I am thrilled to be the publisher of this  breath of fresh air in the homeschool curriculum market.  We know it will bring light, freedom, confidence, and joy to your homeschool.

Family Focused


It is designed to simplify the homeschool experience by coordinating all ages around quality living books for family-style learning.

Generous Feast of Learning


Each Stream includes Bible, history, geography, science, language arts, nature study, music, handicrafts, and art. Add math for a complete curriculum.


This curriculum gives a sweet framework 

for a Charlotte Mason education and has brought 

more peace and joy to our homeschool.”

~Homeschool Mom



Organized for an Easy Week of Learning

Weekly Schedule

A beautiful, simplified weekly schedule to keep in your morning basket.  You decide which days to teach each topic according to your family’s unique needs and schedule. 

Bible Reading


Read selected verses in the Old Testament and New Testament. Oral narration is enough to implant the word of God in your children’s heart. Memorize important Scriptures. Transcribe favorite verses in your Book of Common Place. Scripture is also used in several copy work and dictation exercises.


History Stream


Our living history spine will delight and engage children of all ages as they traverse through history. 

As children traverse through time, they’ll add to their Book of Centuries. They will also enjoy the many creative activities that compliment the topic studied.


Language Arts


Our literature and poetry selections will enrich your child’s literacy and love for learning.  In addition to the wonderful books and poems, each child’s Book of Verse will build a strong foundation in writing, grammar, spelling, and word usage. The literature and poetry exercises will add to their joy as they creativity learn how to play with words and write poetry.




In our first stream, Early American History, families will learn the geography of the thirteen colonies and the Oregon trail. They’ll engage in cartography, creating maps of different states as they learn. They’ll begin with a basic outline, Each week, more features such as rivers and mountains, and key features of each state. On the fourth week, your child will watercolor their map, creating a beautiful work of art.




Students in Forms I, II, II will encounter science as Charlotte Mason intended with the whole book approach using Apologia’s Young Explorer series,  the #1 best-selling, award-winning science curriculum on the market.


Nature Study


A gentle approach to learning, our nature lore suggestions delight readers will surreptiously grounding students in scientific knowledge.


Out-of-door nature walks and nature journaling prompts will ease the beginning nature students into the art of nature study, while those with more experience will enjoy the excursions and add to their nature journal from their own observations.




Each week, the students are given an opportunity to enrich their learning by studying:


  • Composers and their music
  • Great artists and their masterpieces
  • Classical hymns, rich with meaning
  • An Original Folk Song to Learn American History
  • Handicrafts


“Having nature journal prompts laid out for me 

helps our family to be consistent with nature study.”

~Homeschool Mom


Our Unique Treasures

The highly-rated Living Streams Book of the Centuries (Your child can use this book throughout his or her education, putting together the pieces of history and how they all relate to one another as learning continues).


Book of Verse includes poetry, poetry activities, recitation, copy work, and dictation for each level.


Living Streams Early American History is a lively, engaging, living historical narrative written by Earl Schenck Miers and edited and designed by Jeannie Fulbright. 


The Geography of the Thirteen Colonies explores the geography of the colonies, a great help for their cartography drawing and painting exercises.


The Notebooking Journals builds retention with creative history and science activities.


The Great Masters Anthology will give your children a full year of learning about the inspired artists and musicians of our past.


The Book of Common Place for each child to record favorite poems, verses, and quotes. One book will last years.

Why Notebooks

Our Streams of History

  • Early American Stream  1600-1860 (Coming This Summer!)
  • Modern American Stream  1861 – 1969
  • Ancient  Stream
  • Medieval  Stream
  • Renaissance Stream
  • Contemporary Stream

“My children look forward to the 

weekly map-drawing assignments.”

~Homeschool Mom

Living Streams Bring Joy

Commit Thy Works Unto the Lord

Homeschooling was never meant to be stressful or a burden. Home education is the way God designed our children to learn, by the parents He chose, in the home He handpicked. 

Charlotte Mason never meant for her educational model to be a burden to parents, but a joy. She meant for mother to experience freedom and peace  while educating  her children.

That is what we hope for you when you use the Living Streams Charlotte Mason Curriculum. 



Our Grade Levels 

Living Streams separates age groups as Charlotte Mason did, into forms. 


Form I     = 1st grade – 3rd grade (Available Summer 2022)

Form II    = 4th grade – 6th grade (Available Summer 2022)

Form III   = 7th & 8th grade (Available Summer 2022)

Form IV & V = 9th – 12th 


Weekly View

Add Ons


  • The Book of Life Nature Journal
  • A watercolor journal for geographical cartography.
  • Professional quality watercolors and brushes
  • Stencils of each state to help young learners trace the shape of the map
  • The Charlotte Mason Heirloom Planner to guide your heart and record your journey