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Living Verse 

Language Arts in Poetry

Volume I 

Living Verse

a Charlotte mason approach to language arts  By Shiela Catanzarite

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Uncover the Art of Poetic Language
Explore Poetic Devices
Discover New Vocabulary
Learn Grammar and Punctuation
Employ New Writing Skills
Practice Narration and Recitation
Strengthen Articulation Skills
Create a Unique and Beautiful Poetry Notebook
Enjoy the Gift of Poetry
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28 weeks    7 Poets    14 poems 

In this 4 day a week, full year language arts through poetry curriculum your children will:

Honor the Poet

learn about the poet and copy a famous quote

Experience the Poem

read the poem aloud then narrate visually and in writing what they imagined

Mark the Poem

learn the poem’s structure and mark important and interesting elements including new vocabulary

Discover the Poem

learn poetic devices, grammar, and punctuation then write about what they learned

Interpret the Poem

discover the poem’s meaning and the author’s purpose for writing it

Copy the Poem

use their best handwriting to copy their favorite part of the poem

Express the Poem

choose an activity to express the poem: a visual narration, formal recitation, or a poetry tea time

Model the Poem

write an original poem modeling the poem’s structure and language style

Celebrate the Poet

reflect on what they learned from the poet and look for other poems written by the poet