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a Charlotte mason approach to language arts


                                                                           By Shiela Catanzarite
  • Uncover the Art of Poetic Language
  • Explore Poetic Devices 
  • Discover New Vocabulary
  • Learn Grammar and Punctuation
  • Employ New Writing Skills  
  • Practice Narration and Recitation
  • Strengthen Articulation Skills 
  • Create a Unique and Beautiful Poetry Notebook
  • Enjoy the Gift of Poetry  
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28 weeks    7 Poets    14 poems 

  In this 4 day a week, full year language arts through poetry curriculum your children will:
  • Honor the Poet~ learn about the poet and copy a famous quote
  • Experience the Poem~ read the poem aloud then narrate visually and in writing what they imagined
  • Mark the Poem~ learn the poem’s structure and mark important and interesting elements including new vocabulary
  • Discover the Poem~ learn poetic devices, grammar, and punctuation then write about what they learned
  • Interpret the Poem~ discover the poem’s meaning and the author’s purpose for writing it
  • Copy the Poem~ use their best handwriting to copy their favorite part of the poem
  • Express the Poem~ choose an activity to express the poem: a visual narration, formal recitation, or a poetry tea time
  • Model the Poem~ write an original poem modeling the poem’s structure and language style
  • Celebrate the Poet~ reflect on what they learned from the poet and look for other poems written by the poet