The Landing of William Penn  Picture Discussion  What is happening in this painting? Why do you suppose there are so many people present? Do any of the people greeting William Penn surprise you? What colors are used a lot? Do you see some of the same colors in this painting as you did in the Captain Kidd painting? Do you see any other similarities between the two paintings? What is the weather like in this painting?  Picture Study Game   With a friend of family member, study the painting for five minutes, collecting every detail. Store the details in your mind. Now take the picture away. Write down on a sheet of paper the details you can remember. Who remembered more?  History of The Painting   William Penn was given the colony now the state of Pennsylvania as payment for a loan by the King of England. Because William Penn was a Quaker (a sect that was badly persecuted in England) he decided to make the colony a safe haven for anyone seeking freedom from persecution for their beliefs. He also signed a Peace Treaty with the Indians and paid them for the land where he built Philadelphia- which means the city of brotherly love. He established laws that they would live as brothers with the Indians.