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Mason Jar Manna

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Preschool Science

Because learning should be a joyful adventure

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Science Storybooks and Activity Kits for Organic Learning

My object is to show that the chief function of the child––his business in the world during the first six or seven years of his life––is to find out all he can, about whatever comes under his notice, by means of his five senses. ~ Charlotte Mason 

In the preschool years, before the age of seven or eight, a child’s learning should be gotten naturally, through their own exploration of the world, creative expression, imagination, role play, and from books. Wonderful book which fill the mind with good ideas that begin to form habits of thought that will shape a child’s character. 

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The Buzzwood Bunch books take your children on adventures that teach science, goodness, faith, and a love for God’s creation. All this translates to an early love for learning.

Escape crate

Explore ~Science ~ Creativity ~ Art ~ Play ~ Educate

The ESCAPE Crates give parents hours of easy learning with outdoor activities and discoveries,  creativity, art, play, educational toys, and pure fun. 

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