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Rumble Tumbles 

Through Time

A boy, his dog, and a time machine…what could possibly go wrong?

Rumble Landing



Biblical Truth  – History  –  Creation Science

Through this Living book series

When Dad and the family dog, Rumble, accidentally plunge through time, eleven-year-old Marco takes charge. He, his twin brother Kahn, and their sister Esther follow them to a world they never imagined. Terrifying pterosaurs swoop and dive, dangerous dinosaurs pound the earth, and what about those nasty Nephilim?

When Marco is rescued from danger by a famous person from the Bible, things really get interesting. Soon, Marco begins to wonder if they’ll make it out of the dinosaur days alive. 

It’s moment by moment adventure, but all everyone wants is to get back to the future where Mom is baking chocolate chip cookies.

Although geared to ages 7-12, it has been enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. 

Reader Reviews

Jeannie Fulbright, beloved author of many elementary science courses, has branched out into historical fiction. She was kind enough to send me an advance copy of this fun book, which is hopefully the start of a series following a boy, his dog, and their adventures with a time machine. It’s a great read, and the main character the boy meets in this time-travel adventure is a wonderful surprise. I heartily recommend this book for readers of all ages!

Dr. Jay Wile – Author of Berean Builders Science Courses

They were all disappointed (groaning very loudly) when the chapter ended. We are all interested to see how his siblings managed to survive.

 Veronica – Homeschool mom

I loved pausing for a teachable moment about a lever and fulcrum. We all had a good laugh when Essie discovered the ingredient of her beloved biscuits! Thank you so much for inviting us along on this journey!

Heather – Homeschool mom

You really have a gift for writing in a way that carries the story forward with intensity and excitement. I enjoyed it.

Jamie – Homeschool mom

Rumble Tumbles Through Time Dinosaur Days Unit Study Coming Soon! Check back next week!