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Rumble Tumbles Through Time  Dinosaur Days Book and Time Travel Exploration Supply Kit

terror bird
Rumble Tumbles Through Time

The first book in the Rumble Tumbles Through Time series is sure to make young readers and even old readers fall in love with this homeschool family from the future. 

The Time Travel Exploration Unit Study will give your children first hand knowledge of the life Marco experiences in this book. Such as:

  • AI Technology and Robots
  • Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Dinosaurs 

Get the Time Travel Exploration Kit to do all the activities in the Unit Study.  


Take a trip through time with Marco and Rumble!

Your children, ages 7 – 12, are in for a wild ride to the dinosaur days, just a few hundred years before Noah’s flood. 

It’s one narrow escape after another until it seems like they’ll never back to the future and Mom’s chocolate chip cookies. 



Dad’s time machine finally works. But their dog Rumble doesn’t approve of the squealing noise it makes. Barking and jumping, he accidentally launches his furry self and Dad into time. 

Now it’s up to 11-year old Marco with his wilderness skills, his twin brother Kahn, with his historical knowledge, and their little sister Esther who understands the technology, to rescue them from history. 

What happens next is a page-turner full of terrifying, tremendous and tiny dinosaurs from Biblical times. 

It’ll take lots of prayer and ingenuity to get everyone back home. 


Time Travel Exploration Kit



Rumble Kit

The Dinosaur Days Time Travel Exploration Kit is everything you need to explore the world of Marco and Rumble. 

Marco’s world consists of AI technology and robots, you will learn about AI, practice some coding skills, and you’ll build a solar powered robot with a parent’s help. 

Like Marco, you’ll learn some basic survival skills, like how to tie knots, build a shelter outdoors, and with help and supervision from a parent, you’ll learn to build a fire from flint and steel. 

After that, it’s dinosaur fun all the way. You’ll learns some amazing evidence for creation science, cut and color dinosaur miniature books, create snapping dinosaur puppets with origami, and finally, you’ll build your own life size paper mache diplodocus, just like Squirm from the book. 

Everything is included except flour and water.