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Dear Potential CMCH Sponsor,

Thank you for your interest in being a sponsor of the wonderful community at Charlotte Mason Christian Homeschoolers Facebook group.

I have spent a great deal of time and money to keep this community vibrant, authentic, and growing. I do this because I want to bless homeschoolers with a Charlotte Mason community that brings value while also protecting them from being solicited. If someone gives them a suggested curriculum, resource, book, or any other recommendation, it’s important for our members to know if this counsel is coming from someone who may profit in some way from that recommendation. That is what makes our community authentic.

However, we do believe it also brings value for our members to learn of  CM products or resources that may benefit and bless their Charlotte Mason homeschool journey.

If you have created a product, resource, or service that you believe will add value to our members, I want you to be able to share that with them as a CMCH sponsor.  

The 7,000 members of CMCH make up a niche market where every member is interested in learning about CM resources. Additionally, the CMCH page has a high engagement rate and reach.

CMCH Group:

CMCH Page:

We take our responsibility to the members of our community very seriously. Therefore, we will need to evaluate your product, service, or resource before we accept your sponsorship.

Our Sponsorship Schedule is as follows:




Pinned Facebook Post on Group & Page




Pinned Prerecorded Video Group &Page

(20 min)



Pinned Facebook Live on Page and Shared to Group

(20 min)