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Prioritizing Devotions with Our Children

Of all the things we desire to accomplish in our homeschool day, devotions with our children should uncompromisingly be done first. Why? Because nurturing our children’s heart and character is paramount for success in all areas of their life—whether sports, academics, leadership, or daily choices. I’ve said this for years, and it still rings true: Read More


How to do Devotions with Your Children

She cried out to God, “This isn’t working! Homeschooling is too hard! I can’t do it anymore!”   Last week, I planned to write on how to schedule your homeschool, but it turned into an article on allowing room for the Holy Spirit to guide your days—essentially not being a slave to your schedule or to Read More

How to Have a Quiet Time

How to Have a Quiet Time

During the years I taught Bible study, I met many women who had never developed the habit of a daily quiet time. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to have a quiet time, it was that they simply didn’t know exactly how. They had tried to read their Bibles, but found it didn’t gel. They Read More