How to Homeschool Part 1: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool

The thought of homeschooling can seem overwhelming at first. But like everything, if you take it one day at a time, you’ll find the reward far outweighs the sacrifice. In fact, you’ll discover homeschooling was not a sacrifice at all, but an investment. An investment in your family, your children’s character, and your life.   Is it… Continue reading How to Homeschool Part 1: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool


Rest for the Journey

Fulfilling the call to homeschool requires rest for the journey. It demands more than we are capable of producing in our own strength. We must depend on God for stamina and one another for motivation to keep travailing this path. It's so important that we surround ourselves with encouragement. Do you receive encouragement on a… Continue reading Rest for the Journey

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Homeschool Methodologies

There are several philosophies and methodologies that homeschoolers use when educating their children. Some people choose one and follow it all the way through, others mix and match depending on what they want to accomplish, still others begin with one then change their methodologies as the years wear on and they begin to understand more… Continue reading Homeschool Methodologies


The Lord Will Fulfill His Purposes for Our Children

A new chapter in my homeschooling journey began a few years back. This is a stage you also will encounter in time. I'll call it the season of the college road trip. The funny thing is, I thought I had this all figured out when my daughter was younger, just entering high school. I had… Continue reading The Lord Will Fulfill His Purposes for Our Children


A Powerful Prayer Life

How often have you found yourself sitting down to have a quiet moment of prayer and before a few minutes are up, your mind is totally focused on a completely different topic? This wandering mind syndrome overtakes us all at times and is the most common obstacle to a powerful prayer life. It has the potential… Continue reading A Powerful Prayer Life


Imparting Vision to Your Children

If we will impart vision to our children for their future, they will be inspired to pursue excellence, do the hard things that are required, and restrain themselves from that which slows their progress. Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint. Proverbs 29:18 It requires a great deal of restraint to persevere and… Continue reading Imparting Vision to Your Children

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How to Organize Your Homeschool

Organizing your homeschool is one of the most important tasks for maintaining success on the homeschool journey. If you struggle with organization you're not alone. A mom once wrote to me asking for help with this issue. She had tons of great educational resources and lots of insightful teaching ideas—but had not implemented any of… Continue reading How to Organize Your Homeschool

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First Things First

I began my homeschooling journey with a deep conviction that this was God's call on our family. Cultivating a love for God above everything else was a part of that call, and my passion to keep "first things first" was strong. Many of you felt that same calling. You knew God had great plans for your… Continue reading First Things First