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The Power of a True Charlotte Mason Education

One of Charlotte Mason’s least discussed but most critical teachings is that of the Divine Life. It’s this foundational tenet that most powerfully permeates the words and works of Ms. Mason. She insists that the Lord is our children’s best and ultimate teacher, and her philosophy of education rests firmly on this truth. INSEPARABLE The concept Read More


The Art of Letting God do His Job

One of Charlotte Mason’s key tenets was that of “letting alone, letting the children be.” Of giving them autonomy and allowing them to do what needs doing on their own initiative and in their own way—without our interference and prodding.  This, she insists, is what grows self-initiative—children who are self-motivated and find new interests to Read More

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Character Training and the Divine Life

Character training may seem elusive and difficult to accomplish. Yet, Charlotte Mason gives us great insight into this most important aspect of a child’s education.  It’s quite simple, really.  Character training is a matter of conveying worthy ideas then allowing the Divine Life to work in the soul of the child.  It is this Divine Read More

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An Atmosphere of Leisure

A milestone birthday party, an anticipated performance, a treasured relative’s arrival.  That long awaited, saved up for vacation.  We enjoy the hustle and bustle of it all—the planning, the shopping, the excitement of getting everything ready!  But have you noticed our children tend to become high maintenance during these times?   Charlotte Mason tells us this Read More