living language arts

A Living Approach to Language Arts

We were created for language. It’s the primary way through which we know God. Through His word He speaks to our hearts and minds. Through His word He artfully communicates in a way that connects us to Him. God is the Master of the Art of Language. And we’re changed because of it. From the Read More

homeschool girl spelling with copywork

How to Teach Spelling Using Copywork

We’ve learned from the last two blogs that copywork is worth its weight in gold. Yet, there’s even more value to be mined from copywork lessons. You can use copywork to teach spelling! Charlotte Mason tells us that we need to help our children develop the habit of seeing words. And you know how it goes—habits, habits, habits. Read More

boy celebrating copywork success

Copywork Works!

Everyone understands the value of copywork for neat handwriting, but did you know copywork benefits the child’s language learning and creates foundational habits? Copywork works—on so many levels! Charlotte Mason was a huge advocate for copywork and developed a specific methodology that benefitted her students greatly. Let me share with you some of her ideas Read More

mom teaching writing with copywork

Developing Strong Writers through Copywork and Notebooking

Let’s talk about how to teach copywork so that your children will actually develop the skill of natural, fluid writing. All of my children left home with the skill of writing. One was naturally drawn toward language and writing while the others gravitated to math and science—not surprising as they grew up watching their mom Read More

homeschool mom drawing near to God

Removing the Rocks in Our Homeschool Path

It wasn’t long into our homeschool experience that I encountered what seemed like an immovable boulder blocking our way forward. Garnering my abundance of first year homeschool energy and excitement, we found a way around it. And just as we began skipping along our merry way, another boulder came tumbling toward us.  And then another.  Read More

Mother Homeschooling Daughter on Purpose

Homeschooling on Purpose for God’s Purpose

I’m filled with awe and wonder when I consider that my children were chosen by God before the foundation of the world. That each was distinctly fashioned with specific gifts, talents, abilities, interests, passions, dislikes, and preferences. Each was created for a particular purpose—a purpose God ordained in advance that they should pursue.  For we Read More

free mom and son

Free to Educate Well

As a veteran homeschooler and creator of products that empower moms to educate with excellence, it is my heart’s cry to encourage, build up, and say to every homeschooler I encounter with those weary and worried-filled eyes, “You can do this!”  You can do this well. You can educate your children better than the reigning Read More

What happens when you draw near to God

What Happens When You Draw Near to God

I’ve heard many commentaries on love and what Jesus meant when He told us to love one another. Years ago, I wholeheartedly agreed with the idea that love is a decision, not a feeling. The concept that love is expressed more out of choice than emotional sentiment made sense to me. I went along with Read More

children homeschooling

The Great Homeschool Distraction

There’s a quote that says, “If Satan can’t tempt us with destruction, he’ll tempt us with distraction.” How true for the homeschool mom!  Our enemy tempts us to veer off God’s perfect path by distracting us with a plethora of “good” things: things that seem beneficial, things that seem profitable, things that even seem necessary.  Things Read More

homeschool girl praying

Prioritizing Devotions with Our Children

Of all the things we desire to accomplish in our homeschool day, devotions with our children should uncompromisingly be done first. Why? Because nurturing our children’s heart and character is paramount for success in all areas of their life—whether sports, academics, leadership, or daily choices. I’ve said this for years, and it still rings true: Read More

boy learning science early

When to Teach Science

There’s confusion among homeschoolers about when to teach science. Some Charlotte Mason educators avoid teaching science in the early elementary years. Often, they consider nature study enough. Perhaps part of it is they are uninterested in science—the outcome of their own education. After all, the way science is presented in the school system renders it Read More


The Seven Keys to Ensuring ADHD Children Thrive in the Homeschool

Homeschooling children with ADHD is a popular topic and is something I’ve spoken about recently. I’ve been making homeschool related TikToks every week and had a huge response to my TikTok about how to ensure your ADHD children thrive in your homeschool. I also did a podcast on this topic for The Charlotte Mason Show. Read More

Cute smiling little girl is writing at the desk

My Homeschool Notebooking Journey: Part 2

Ever wonder exactly why notebooking is superior to worksheets and quizzes? It’s because of the little horseshoe-shaped organ in the brain—the amygdala. This important learning center of the brain is activated when a person is engaged in creativity, especially when it involves the use of his memory. Creativity and memory are closely linked and, when Read More


My Homeschool Notebooking Journey: Part 1

No matter what career your child chooses, no matter what he or she does in the future, the ability to communicate effectively in writing is essential for success and advancement.  Tragically, writing instruction is one of the greatest failings of the modern education system. As homeschoolers, we can remedy this by implementing the writing progression Charlotte Read More


Oral Narration: The Art of Conversation

When it comes to teaching our children the art of writing, it’s not enough that we employ copywork and choose living books from which to learn and grow. We must also ask our children to engage with the books—to think, consider, and understand the story or content well enough to explain it in their own Read More


How Living Books Cultivate Skillful Writers

In the last few posts, I began the discussion on the most effective Charlotte Mason methods for teaching your children to write well, to become skillful writers. I talked about the eminent value of transcribing (through copywork and a Book of Commonplace) and its importance in training the brain in the mechanics of writing, including solid sentence structure Read More


The Keys to Excellent Writing Skills

There is a right way—a methodology—for teaching writing and if followed, your children will become proficient if not skilled writers.  Unfortunately, our modern educational system does not teach writing well. In fact, poor writing is the biggest complaint of college professors and is why most every student who enters university must take a remedial writing Read More

Charlotte Mason Self Motivated Children

Scheduling Self Motivated Children

Every week I have this great intention to give you tips on scheduling your day. Every week, as I’m writing, something related hits me.  First, it was letting God lead (because He’s in charge of our day anyway). Next, it was how to do devotions (because that’s first on the schedule). Today, it’s developing self-motivated Read More


How to do Devotions with Your Children

She cried out to God, “This isn’t working! Homeschooling is too hard! I can’t do it anymore!”   Last week, I planned to write on how to schedule your homeschool, but it turned into an article on allowing room for the Holy Spirit to guide your days—essentially not being a slave to your schedule or to Read More

happy homeschool family outdoors

Leaving Room for God in Your Schedule

I hope y’all are having a great week and getting in gear for the new school year. My two who are still in college at University of Georgia started back last week. They have a computer architecture class together and are so happy about that. It’s like homeschooling again—learning the same subject together. They’ll both Read More


Notebooking History

Hey Homeschooler! It’s been a wild and wonderful week for me. My daughter and her family moved back to Atlanta with my new grandson. They’ve been living here for a week and it’s been glorious. They move into their new place on Friday.  The fun thing about having my daughter back in our town is, not Read More

Charlotte Mason in a Nutshell

Well, here we are again! Another exciting school adventure awaits! I hope it’s the best year ever for you. It was a whirlwind of a summer for the Fulbrights, traveling from coast-to-coast meeting so many truly precious homeschoolers. We hit nine states in all: SC, OH, MO, FL, IA, CA, TX, AZ, and GA. What a Read More


Restoring a Christ Culture

Every generation since Christ came to earth has experienced trials of one kind or another. And every generation has been encouraged by God to keep the faith. To believe His plans and purposes will prevail—even in this—our hour of trouble.  Imagine Christians living during the days of Rome where life was decadent and people freely engaged Read More


The Habit of Nature Study

Nature study is not a subject we teach—it’s a way of life. A way of life initiated by a habit we must instill in the early years. Nature study builds into our children something that cannot be attained through any other means—a spirit of freedom and a sense of awe—a depth of understanding of God’s beautiful creation Read More


The Habit of Thinking and Imagining

“The kids in my class don’t think,” my son remarked while explaining to me the surprising things he discovered his freshman year of college. “What do you mean they don’t think?” I asked. “They listen to the lectures, but never have any questions that go beyond what the professor taught. They just care about what’s Read More


The Habit of Prayer and Praise: The Language of the Soul

We don’t often think of Prayer and Praise as a habit to be trained. However, like Thoughts of God, prayer and praise can become second nature to us, to our children, if we make them a regular part of our day.  Anything we do regularly or continually can be considered a habit. And there is no better habit Read More


The Habit of Perfect Execution: Instilling a Spirit of Excellence

The habit of perfect execution. Sounds intimidating, and perhaps a bit elusive. But what exactly is it?  It’s simply requiring our children to always do their best work.  That’s it. Charlotte Mason tells us, “’Throw perfection into all you do’ is a counsel upon which a family may be brought up with great advantage.”  EXCELLENCE This Read More

cute homeschool girl reading

The Habit of Attention: A Homeschool Mom’s Gift

The habit of attention is one of the most critical habits a homeschool mom can train—and one of the greatest gifts she can give. Why is this particular habit so important and so impactful?  Charlotte Mason tells us that all our children’s intellectual gifts—their natural intelligence and comprehension during learning and in life—depend completely on the cultivation of this habit.  Read More


Training the Habit of Truthfulness

When the right idea or thought is planted in the garden of a child’s soul, with the ever present help of the Divine Life—the Holy Spirit—that idea begins to influence a child’s thoughts and decisions.  Those decisions then become actions. Those actions then become habits. Those habits then become character.  I love how Ralph Waldo Read More

boy observing plants in nature

Habits: Training Your Child’s Thoughts of God

Charlotte Mason tells us, “The child who starts out with, say, 20 good habits begins with a certain capital which he will lay out to endless profit as the years go on.” In the next series of posts, we will discuss many of the habits Charlotte Mason mentions and consider how best to train them Read More

Little girl reading in a tree

Living Books and How to Identify Them

Living books breathe life into learning. They engage the reader and offer up a bounty of original thoughts and ideas.  Ideas. They’re the key to living books. New, original, unique ideas are what mark a living book, bringing it to life. These ideas are like seeds planted. They germinate in our children’s thoughts and take on Read More


Inviting God into Your Homeschool

Imagine the genius and brilliance your children would exhibit if their thoughts were led by the Holy Spirit. Consider the ease they’d have in understanding challenging subjects.  Imagine how much less stressful homeschooling would be each day if you purposefully invited God into your schoolroom. If you allowed space for the Lord to be their Teacher.  When Read More

living language arts

The Power of a True Charlotte Mason Education

One of Charlotte Mason’s least discussed but most critical teachings is that of the Divine Life. It’s this foundational tenet that most powerfully permeates the words and works of Ms. Mason. She insists that the Lord is our children’s best and ultimate teacher, and her philosophy of education rests firmly on this truth. INSEPARABLE The concept Read More


The Art of Letting God do His Job

One of Charlotte Mason’s key tenets was that of “letting alone, letting the children be.” Of giving them autonomy and allowing them to do what needs doing on their own initiative and in their own way—without our interference and prodding.  This, she insists, is what grows self-initiative—children who are self-motivated and find new interests to Read More

Happy girl serving

Character Training and the Divine Life

Character training may seem elusive and difficult to accomplish. Yet, Charlotte Mason gives us great insight into this most important aspect of a child’s education.  It’s quite simple, really.  Character training is a matter of conveying worthy ideas then allowing the Divine Life to work in the soul of the child.  It is this Divine Read More

Boy with a girl sitting on the beach

An Atmosphere of Leisure

A milestone birthday party, an anticipated performance, a treasured relative’s arrival.  That long awaited, saved up for vacation.  We enjoy the hustle and bustle of it all—the planning, the shopping, the excitement of getting everything ready!  But have you noticed our children tend to become high maintenance during these times?   Charlotte Mason tells us this Read More

Confident homeschool mom relaxing

Cultivating Self Confidence

The fussy mom.  Are you acquainted with her? She is always commanding, demanding, interfering, intervening, redirecting, reminding, worrying, hurrying, hovering, and smothering, moralizing and mediating. FUSSINESS Many times during our journey I fell into the fussy mom syndrome, hijacking the joy God had for me, my children and our homeschool. Oftentimes it was because I was Read More

A woman with a child is reading

How to Train Your Child’s Character – The Charlotte Mason Way!

Training your child’s character can be likened to tending a garden. Nurturing to life the good character qualities you want to see grow and blossom. It’s about watching over what’s sprouting up and carefully cultivating that which will one day bear fruit. It requires tilling the soil and weeding out anything that is not fructiferous Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Homeschool

How to Homeschool Part 1: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool

The thought of homeschooling can seem overwhelming at first. But like everything, if you take it one day at a time, you’ll find the reward far outweighs the sacrifice. In fact, you’ll discover homeschooling was not a sacrifice at all, but an investment. An investment in your family, your children’s character, and your life.   Is it Read More

Let them Go

College Prep: Let Them Go

After reading the past posts, you now know everything you need to know to help your homeschooled child find the college of his dreams. Whew! It’s been quite a journey, but you’ve been faithful and you’re almost there. Now it’s time to let them go. Sending a child off to college can seem like a Read More

Recommendation Letters

College Prep: Recommendation Letters

Most universities and scholarship boards require applicants to submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher. This can be tricky for homeschoolers since colleges do not want letters from parents. When my daughter began her college application process, she had never completed a class outside the home except for an online dual enrollment course through Read More

SAT Subject Tests

College Prep: SAT Subject Tests

Like AP exams, colleges put a lot of stock in the SAT Subject Tests, sometimes known as the SAT II tests. In fact, some Ivy League and top tier universities require at least two SAT Subject Tests to be taken before a student is even eligible to apply to that university.  Like CLEP, the SAT Read More

Dual Enrollment

College Prep: Dual Enrollment

Now it’s time to talk about College Prep: Dual Enrollment. But what exactly is dual enrollment? It’s when a high school student takes college courses while in high school. The student is enrolled in both high school and college at the same time and the classes count for both high school and college credit. Dual Read More

Standing Out

College Prep: 9 Ways to Stand Out in College Admissions

In the last blog, we talked about depth—not breadth—when pursuing extra curricular activities. In this one, College Prep: Standing Out, we’re going to talk about ways to get noticed in college admissions. Commitment, leadership, and long-term involvement are what colleges like to see. Homeschooled students have the rare opportunity to become experts in the fields Read More

Be Unique

College Prep: Be Unique!

Be Unique! Colleges look for students that “stand out” from among other applicants. They’re interested in those they feel will enhance their school and campus. That’s not to say a “typical” student can’t get in, but it helps to show that your child is special and can offer something unique to the student body and to Read More


College Prep: SAT vs. ACT

So you know your child will need to take college entrance exams as part of the college admissions process, but which test should he take and when? This post, College Prep: SAT vs. ACT, explains the similarities and differences of the tests to help you think through which test is best for your child. The Read More

Think Extracurricular

College Prep: Think Extracurricular

Colleges love extracurricular activities. So shouldn’t my child do as many as possible to impress the admissions committee? That seems to make sense but it’s not the case. Think not too many, not too few. Depth not breadth. Ultimately, do what you love in a way that shows the colleges the unique person you are. Read More

High School Planning, College, and Career Guidance

College Prep: Great Transcripts

Ideally,  ninth grade is the time to begin mapping out the courses your child will need in high school to graduate with a great college prep transcript.  It’s okay to begin thinking through the courses in eighth grade or even later than ninth grade. My older daughter decided she wanted to go to college in Read More

Encouraging Success

Encouraging Success in Your Children

I often speak and write about nurturing our children’s gifts, talents, and passions—about encouraging their success. Homeschooling offers the unique opportunity to tailor our children’s education to their own personal bents. We don’t have to follow the standard scope and sequence designed for a typical student. The cookie-cutter mentality is often why students leave high Read More

The Perfection Trap

The Perfection Trap

At times we fall into what I call the perfection trap, demanding more from our children than they are capable of giving. Our reactions to their misbehavior can be harsh, lacking in the mercy God has for us. When we constantly communicate frustration with our children’s imperfections, we fail to portray Christ to them. If Read More

Believing God's Word for our Children

Believing God’s Word for our Children

As homeschool moms, believing God’s Word for our children is paramount. Being our children’s primary educator can fill us with fear and trepidation. The enormity of this responsibility overwhelms even the most faithful homeschool mom. Yet we need not fear, for God’s Word promises great and wonderful things for our children. The question we must Read More

Rest for the Journey

Rest for the Journey

Fulfilling the call to homeschool requires rest for the journey. It demands more than we are capable of producing in our own strength. We must depend on God for stamina and one another for motivation to keep travailing this path. It’s so important that we surround ourselves with encouragement. Do you receive encouragement on a Read More

Impart Vision

Imparting Vision to Your Children

If we will impart vision to our children for their future, they will be inspired to pursue excellence, do the hard things that are required, and restrain themselves from that which slows their progress. Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint. Proverbs 29:18 It requires a great deal of restraint to persevere and Read More

Organizing Your Homeschool

How to Organize Your Homeschool

Organizing your homeschool is one of the most important tasks for maintaining success on the homeschool journey. If you struggle with organization you’re not alone. A mom once wrote to me asking for help with this issue. She had tons of great educational resources and lots of insightful teaching ideas—but had not implemented any of Read More

First Things First

First Things First

I began my homeschooling journey with a deep conviction that this was God’s call on our family. Cultivating a love for God above everything else was a part of that call, and my passion to keep “first things first” was strong. Many of you felt that same calling. You knew God had great plans for your Read More

Foster Independence

Foster Independence

Did you know that homeschooled students perform better in college than their institutionally schooled counterparts? One reason is homeschooled students are used to being autonomous and independent in their learning; they are self educators. Our job as homeschool moms is to give our children progressively more autonomy and help them foster independence as they age. Read More

Four More Years

Four More Years

The post below was written during the time when I was entering the homestretch of homeschooling my oldest. These heart reflections and questions were born out of the startling realization I had only four more years with my daughter in the home. Lately, the thought of having only four more years of homeschooling my oldest Read More

Prayer Avails Much

Prayer Avails Much

I just love prayer. I’m so thankful that God has ordained it as the means by which He moves. I wish everyone could experience answers—miraculous answers—to prayers like I do. I believe it’s God’s will that everyone does, for His word tells us prayer avails much! John Wesley once said, “God will do nothing, but Read More

Jesus is the Same

Jesus is the Same

I was reading through a devotional today called Little Pillows. It’s a sweet, small book of devotions that are especially touching and deep, though written in somewhat antiquated language. The specific devotion I read was quite nurturing to my own soul. It talked of the fact that Jesus is the same. Have you ever considered Read More

Guarding our Thoughts

Guarding Our Thoughts

For the homeschooling mom, there’s a gnawing temptation to feel overwhelmed. I’ve wanted to address this issue for some time because I know how it feels and experienced it quite a lot in my beginning days as a homeschooler. Thankfully, I discovered a way we as homeschool moms can protect ourselves from this emotion while Read More

Encourage One Another Daily

Encourage One Another Daily

It’s so important that we surround our lives with encouragement. God’s Word tells us that we need encouragement daily. Are you getting that dose of encouragement? Are your friends encouraging toward you? Do you listen to encouraging messages on the radio or the computer? Do you read encouraging blogs? Are you being encouraged in your Read More

Happy mother and daughter

Keep the Testimony

If thy children will keep my covenant and my testimony that I shall teach them, their children shall also sit upon thy throne for evermore. Psalm 132:12  The children of Israel didn’t keep the testimony—the witness—of all God had done for them for very long. And they found themselves in bondage. But here we read Read More

Teenage Boy Studying At Desk In Bedroom

Steps to Self Learning

Students who have developed a foundation of good character (no, not perfect children, but those who have a conscience about doing the right thing) and have gained personal responsibility for their education—with an eye set on the future—are prime candidates for self learning.  The first step to moving toward self learning is to carefully select Read More

Cute family lying on the floor smiling at camera

Teaching Character

Over the years I’ve been asked how we approached teaching character in our home. I’d love to share how we went about it because it was one of my most favorite aspects of homeschooling. Without question, the most important thing we did was begin our mornings with devotional and Bible reading, discussions about what we Read More

Who Better?

Who Better

Who better to educate your children than the person who cares most about who they will be when they grow up? The one who is concerned not just with their academic achievement, but also their character? Who better to educate your children than the person who knows them fully, their every mood, every cue, every weakness, and Read More

A Vision for Their Future

A Vision for Their Future

How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh! You homeschool? Wow. I could never do that!” Their reasons range from, “I’m too impatient” to “I would ruin their education.” But the fact is, with homeschooling—as with all great accomplishments—there is a principle at work that gives parents the ability to homeschool their children for the long haul: Read More

Receiving Encouragement

Receiving Encouragement

God’s word tells us to encourage one another daily. I believe we are instructed to do this because every person really does need daily encouragement, especially homeschool moms. Receiving encouragement from others is essential if we, our family, and our homeschool are to thrive. As the days wear on, we need to hear: You can Read More

Do All Things

Do All Things

Do all things…without grumbling and complaining. This is something we’ve always focused a lot on in our home. And I’m not just talking about the children. Philippians 2:14-15 tells us, Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, Read More

Anxious, woman, fearful.


I read a great quote that said, “If Satan can’t tempt us with destruction, he’ll tempt us with distraction.” How true for the homeschool mom! Our enemy tempts us to veer off God’s perfect path by distracting us with a plethora of “good” things: things that seem beneficial, that seem profitable, even necessary. Things that may Read More

A Christian Worldview

A Christian Worldview

People kick around the word “worldview” a lot. I remember when I first began hearing about it. I wondered, “What does that mean?” After a bit, I could give you a definition based on context. Yet, I really couldn’t give you a strong meaning. Since then, the Lord has revealed a lot more about this Read More

Praying God's Word

Praying God’s Word

Someone once said when you pray Scripture, it may sound like you praying to you, however, to the devil, it sounds like God. Because of this, praying God’s Word is powerful and even essential if we are to walk as victors through the spiritual battles of this life. For the Word of God is quick and Read More

Spiritual Inspiration

Prayer II: Confession

In an earlier post I shared that I believe unforgiveness is one reason our prayers are hindered. Here, I want to share a second reason. Though the Lord promises that whatever we ask for in prayer will be given us, this doesn’t always fit our reality. Why is that? Well in addition to unforgiveness, I Read More

Prayer III Faith

Prayer III Faith and Answered Prayer

The third reason we may not see our prayers answered is probably the least popular, but might actually be the most common. I think the reason it has been given such a bad rap is because of the abuse and wrong doctrine that some have preached concerning this one requirement for answered prayer.   Let Read More

Prayer IV Prayer of Two

Prayer IV: Prayer of Two

Jesus says that whatever we ask for in prayer, we should have. Yet often that’s not our personal experience. We’ve discussed that sometimes prayers are not answered because we’ve not forgiven someone, or we harbor unconfessed sin, or even that we lack faith in a good God that would want to bless us with the Read More

Trusting God's Promises

Trusting God’s Promises

The other day I was struggling with some negative emotions: fears and worries about this and that. I am of the strong belief that fear and worry are signs of a lack of faith. If I’m worried, I’m not trusting God’s promises; I’m not believing He’ll take care of me. Well I prayed and earnestly Read More

The Habit of Attention

The Habit of Attention

One of the most profound—and often under appreciated—methods of Charlotte Mason is her teachings on habits. How I wish I had known of this extremely influential concept when my children were younger, before they formed the bad habits we invested a lot of time undoing. Mason addresses the fascinating subject of attention: The Habit of Read More

Free Time

Free Time

Free time is one of the greatest benefits of a homeschool education. It gives students space to think and create, to pursue and develop their passions fully and deeply. I’m so pleased with how much my daughter accomplished with her free time even during the middle school years. When she was thirteen, she taught herself Read More

The Mark of Maturity

The Mark of Maturity

Jesus tells us, “Love the Lord your God” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Two commands. Both are to love. Yet, love seems to be a naturally occurring virtue, a quality we don’t often focus on, especially in our family. We tell our husband and children every day that we love them. It’s not something Read More

Better Part

The Better Part

Long ago, the homeschooling mother had time to read novels to her children. Dinner was unhurried and filled with laughter and rich conversation—often about the latest learning adventure. Playing games together in the evening, the family drew close to one another and the children knew peace and unity. In contrast, today’s busy homeschool mom rushes Read More

Removing Rocks

Removing Rocks

Sometimes we must stop what we’re doing and address issues that come up in our family. When we have everything all planned out for our day or week, these interruptions can seem overwhelmingly burdensome. Yet, we must see them as part of God’s plan for the path we walk. I once found the morning interrupted Read More

Always be Ready

Always be Ready

We should always be ready to share the good news of the gospel. Sounds easy, yet so many Christians aren’t sure how to bridge the topic with unbelievers. Let’s say you’ve started a conversation about spiritual matters…what now? Well, when I took Evangelism Explosion—a course that required going out in teams and witnessing to people Read More

Homeschool Coaching

Sharing the Good News

Why do we hesitate, when speaking with unbelievers, to share the good news of what Christ has done for mankind? I believe it’s because we fear rejection. We fear what others will think of us. If asked, we would emphatically say we’re not afraid of people rejecting us if they learn we’re a Christian. Yet Read More

It's all about love

It’s all about LOVE

I’ve heard many, many commentaries on love and what Jesus meant when He told us to love one another. Years ago, I wholeheartedly agreed with the idea that love is a decision, not a feeling. The concept that love is expressed more out of choice than emotional sentiment made sense to me. I went along Read More

Happy thoughts

Forget about Me

Oswald Chambers calls it self awareness. I think that’s an incredible way to describe it. In the past I’ve called it self focus. Self awareness is like self consciousness, but it goes beyond that. It’s simply being concerned on a certain level with ourselves: our plans, our needs, our desires, our sin, our looks, our Read More

Why Christianity

Why Christianity? What’s all the hype?

“Why Christianity?” you ask. Before answering I’d like to ask you a question. If you were to die today (you never know if this is your last day on earth) and stand before God and He asked you, “Why should I let you into My heaven?” What would you say? What would be the reason He should let Read More

Biblical Worldview

Biblical Worldview

I have to admit, when I first began hearing about giving your children a Biblical Worldview, I really wasn’t sure what that meant. Of course, I could surmise what it meant. But when I gained an understanding of its accurate definition, I was moved deeply in my heart and wanted this for myself and my children. Read More

How to Have a Quiet Time

How to Have a Quiet Time

During the years I taught Bible study, I met many women who had never developed the habit of a daily quiet time. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to have a quiet time, it was that they simply didn’t know exactly how. They had tried to read their Bibles, but found it didn’t gel. They Read More

Making Disciples

Making Disciples – A Homeschool Mom’s Great Commission

Like many of you, I spent years in women’s Bible studies, growing in my knowledge and understanding of the Lord and His Word. I’m so thankful for that time of spiritual growth, and was loath to give it up for the homeschooling years. One day, during my quiet time, God impressed a profound truth upon Read More