Charlotte Mason Self Motivated Children

Scheduling Self Motivated Children

Every week I have this great intention to give you tips on scheduling your day. Every week, as I’m writing, something related hits me.  First, it was letting God lead (because He’s in charge of our day anyway). Next, it was how to do devotions (because that’s first on the schedule). Today, it’s developing self-motivated Read More


How to do Devotions with Your Children

She cried out to God, “This isn’t working! Homeschooling is too hard! I can’t do it anymore!”   Last week, I planned to write on how to schedule your homeschool, but it turned into an article on allowing room for the Holy Spirit to guide your days—essentially not being a slave to your schedule or to Read More

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Leaving Room for God in Your Schedule

I hope y’all are having a great week and getting in gear for the new school year. My two who are still in college at University of Georgia started back last week. They have a computer architecture class together and are so happy about that. It’s like homeschooling again—learning the same subject together. They’ll both Read More