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Time-Tested Methods

The Lord began nudging me to take my passions for research and writing to another level and develop my own science course for my children. As I began, I set out to include the methods of education I had discovered to be most effective—ones that inspired not only a love for learning but also a long-term retention of the material. As you know, Charlotte Mason would be my mentor in this endeavor.

In addition to a single God-glorifying, engaging, visually appealing, immersion text with relevant experiments, I wanted my course to integrate narration, notebooking assignments and fun hands-on projects and activities. These were the time-tested, proven methods for increasing learning and retention. While other courses used the derailing methods too often found in traditional American education, I chose to embrace an educational methodology that works.

The result is the best-selling Young Explorer Series. The reason for its success? It was written by a homeschool parent while she was in the trenches. Someone who knows what it’s like to have a house full of rambunctious, playful people. Someone who is well acquainted with what a real homeschool day looks like. Someone who wants to make science a delightful experience for the entire family. Someone who understands your heart, your needs and your desire to have a successful, happy home school where your children thrive and grow in both their faith and academic achievement.

Visit Apologia to see samples of or to order my books.

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