The First Thanksgiving

 Picture Discussion 

These are many of the same people from The Mayflower Compact. Look at the way Ferris uses light in this picture. How does it differ from the way light is used in The Mayflower Compact. Do you notice any of the same people? What is the feeling you get from the way light is used and the way people are behaving.

Look at each person and try to imagine what they might be thinking. 

Does anything in this painting surprise you? 

Picture Study Game

Choose one color and find every thing in the painting where that color is used. 

After you have studied each item with that color for a moment, close your eyes and see if you can remember each item you saw. 

Open your eyes. Did you get them all? 

History of This Painting

This painting depicts the three-day Thanksgiving Festival the Pilgrims held for themselves and ninety of their friends, the Indians, who showed up with several deer and other food items to contribute to the festival. They were celebrating the first harvest.