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Audio books can be a real life-saver. We all know the homeschool journey is harder on some days than on others. When tears are flowing and the kids are slow as molasses, just getting through the three R’s can be a huge feat. We find ourselves letting everything else slide-you know, like science and history or art and literature. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. But Apologia has a solution. The Young Explorer Audio Books are designed to make science easy, when life isn’t. At the push of a button, science gets done. Not only do the audio books give mom the break she deserves, they are hugely beneficial in many other ways. Here’s how:

Books are Read by the Author

When the author reads her own book, the educational experience is more authentic because children hear the original voice behind the text. The energy and emphasis written on the page is expressed and heard clearly and correctly. I think your children will find the audio books pleasant to listen to, and you will find them an easier way for your children to learn.

Vocabulary is Correctly Pronounced

All of the Apologia Young Explorer books are filled with new vocabulary words, often from Latin roots.  The audio book guarantees your children learn the correct pronunciation of important and foundational science terms.

Children with Learning Disabilities are Helped

Parents of children with learning disabilities have extolled the benefits of the audio books. From autism and learning delays to reading challenges, children struggling with these issues have benefitted greatly by listening to the book while holding the physical copy in their hands. Struggling readers can follow along to recognize words, sentence structure and word pronunciation. What a great way for children with learning challenges to be helped.

Course Completion is Attained

Let’s face it, when spring fever hits, the motivation to finish all that curriculum we started in the fall wanes. We’re tempted to skip pages or chapters in the book, or even just let the whole subject fall by the wayside. Audio books encourages completion of the subject because your kids are able to learn without your energy and presence. With audio books, science might be the only subject that gets covered in its entirety.

On the go Families can School Efficiently

Families that spend hours each week in the car can make wise use of that time with audio books. Learning becomes more efficient (and the car ride more interesting) as this important subject is covered using the audio books. The experiments and activities can be saved for later when you get home.

Moms Busy with Babies are Supported

When you have babies or small children in the home, it’s often difficult to find the quiet time needed to read science aloud. The audio books are very useful for families in this stage. They can be listened to with earphones or can be played in a quiet area for the whole family to enjoy. The Apologia audio books provide the support busy moms need to make science happen!

Bedtime Wind Down is Educational

Why does science have to be taught during the day? I taught many subjects at bedtime reading hour. You can easily use the audio books as your children’s bedtime story, allowing them to wind down while they learn. They can rise in the morning and complete the activities, either on their own or with your help. Wouldn’t it be nice for your children to learn about God’s wonderful creation just before they fall asleep?

Special Science Interests are Satisfied

With Apologia science, everyone learns together. I always recommend families learn together because it makes school more fun and encourages family unity, brings joy to learning as you discover the world together. However, as you journey along, a child may develop a special interest in a science topic they wish to pursue. Why not allow that child to learn the subject on his own? With the Apologia audio books, independent study becomes an easy option for the curious child of any age.

It’s easy to see there are so many benefits to the Apologia audio books. Perhaps it’s time to give your homeschool that extra edge. Go to the Apologia website and give them a listen!

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