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Apologia Science

Twenty years ago, when I was a young homeschool mom, I wanted a science curriculum that left my children breathless to learn more. As a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, I had stringent requirements and required excellence in education for all the curriculum I used. The writing had to be engaging and enjoyable for the whole family, including me. The assignments must increase learning and retention. I wanted projects and experiments that worked well and were fun. Science should encourage a love for nature, God’s creation, and above all, a love for learning.

With such high standards for what I wanted in a science curriculum, I decided to write it myself. That’s how my Apologia science series began.


My books are Charlotte Mason styled science:

Whole book approach that immerses the child in the subject, leaving no stone unturned
The writing style respects the child’s intelligence, imparting in-depth science & ideas
Narration prompts are found throughout each lesson
Notebooking assignments are interesting & designed to increase retention
Projects and experiments expound on the learning, and add joy to the lesson

About Me

Hi! I’m Jeannie Fulbright. I was once a homeschool mom just like you. My children have moved on to college and career. Yours will too one day. In the meantime, I want to help make your homeschool years amazing. My heart is to create the highest quality products to enhance and bless your homeschool journey. I would love to connect with you. I’m most active on Instagram and my Charlotte Mason Christian Homeschool Facebook Group.

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Charlotte Mason Heirloom Planner

Coming soon!

How I wish I had this when I was homeschooling. I would treasure every memory it contained.

This planner is much more than just a planner. It’s a living book of your own creation—a cherished heirloom of your plans, purposes, and special homeschool experiences.

It is designed to mentor you in the Lord and in the Charlotte Mason method as you fulfill your calling as a homeschool mother.

It will not only keep you on track, it will focus your heart on what’s important: the Lord and His Word, prayer, your children’s hearts and habits, self-care, and building a legacy that will last for generations.

Charlotte Mason Planner

Rumble Tumbles Through Time

Dinosaur Days

Coming soon!


A boy, his dog, and a time machine. What could go wrong?

When Dad and the family dog, Rumble accidentally plunge through time, eleven-year-old Marco takes charge. He, his twin brother Kahn, and their sister Esther follow them to a world they never imagined. Terrifying pterosaurs swoop and dive, dangerous dinosaurs pound the earth…and what about those nasty Nephilim?

When Marco meets a famous person from the Bible, things really get interesting. Soon, Marco begins to wonder if they’ll make it out of the dinosaur days alive. 

This gilded hard-back novel is filled with edge of your seat adventure. This beautiful novel will surely become a cherished part of your forever library. And as you add to your collection with each new book in the series, they will look lovely together on your shelf.


Speaking Schedule 2022

South Carolina March 17-19
Missouri March 24-26
Ohio April 21-23
California June 16-18
Texas July 7-9
Florida May 26-28
Arizona, May 26th-28th, 2022
Iowa, June 10th-11th, 2022

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Atlanta, July 29th-30th, 2022

Book of Life Heirloom Nature Journal

When I look back at the nature journals my children created, I feel a sense of disappointment that I did not invest in quality nature journals. I had no idea they would become heirlooms filled with their memories of our excursions into God’s creation. When I see their drawings, I’m reminded of where we were when that particular entry was made.

These exquisite journals are made with the highest quality watercolor paper and are small enough that a child won’t feel overwhelmed, but has just enough room to draw and record something of significance. There are 48 sheets. That’s perfect for a whole year of nature journaling.

nature journal

Preschool Science


Coming soon!

My Mason Jar Manna preschool science series will cover life science the Charlotte Mason way.

The first topic is butterflies and includes two wonderful picture books that tell exciting stories~the Buzzwood Bunch, and Meri and Milo the Monarchs, along with our ESCAPE Crate—a treasure trove of exciting activities for Exploration, Science, Creativity, Art, Play, and Education.

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