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  1. grace wee
    @ 2:34 pm

    pls help to pray for my husband salvation as he is now diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

  2. Anonymous
    @ 7:29 pm

    I just reread this post because I just came through a cancer diagnosis, surgery and am now healing. I too had all kinds of people praying and think that it was very important. I had the elders of our church pray over me and it was something I will never forget. Showed me that there are still some in the body of Christ that are obedient to His word. I think that your story and mine shows why God allows suffering. I think that one cannot know what they truly believe without having their faith tested with suffering. It is so powerful and God used it to clean up so much garbage that I had been carrying, like unforgiveness and fear. And I am grateful for the testimony I now possess to get me through the rest of the time God allows me to stay on this earth. I long for heaven, but know that I must use the days I am given wisely. I’m not sure I would have gotten this if I hadn’t had to face death. We don’t know what test is aroudnd the corner, but we know in Whom we believe. Thanks for the testimony. Kelly

  3. Margie
    @ 6:12 pm

    Unbelievable account or testimony of God’s forgiveness and healing. I praise God for what He has done in your life and mine!

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