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  1. Jill in Arizona
    @ 8:22 pm

    I am currently in the middle of your botany book…and we decided to do our studying on the front porch of our deset home.

    It’s really amazing to study why bats pollinate catci…and then be able to look up and see a catus flower blooming in front of us. Or how about watching a hummingbird pollinate the long, slender purple flowers of the Mexican sage bush less than three feet away? Or looking over at the blooming palo verde tree with it’s tiny yellow flowers and understanding why we see so many bees there.

    Just today, my 6-year-old stopped the lesson and insisted he could find a tree with imperfect flowers. After wandering around for awhile, he couldn’t find what he was looking for. But now we will keep our eyes peeled as we’re out and about.

    No matter where you live, the plants around you will take on new meaning after studying this book.

    I cannot thank you enough for making botany come alive for us. We now look at the desert around us with awe and understanding that we didn’t have before. THANK YOU!!!!

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