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  1. Amanda j Medler
    @ 10:50 pm

    What about the first version?

  2. Amanda Pepper
    @ 8:17 pm

    Hi there,
    We absolutely love this series of science books. Is there any update on when the audio for the botany book will be available?

    Thank you for this wonderful resource!

  3. JeannieFulbright
    @ 5:37 pm

    Hi. The audio for the new version of Botany will be available in about a month.

  4. Becky Tierney
    @ 3:23 pm

    When will the Botany Audio be available?

  5. Ana Willis at
    @ 4:47 am

    Jeannie, I keep sharing with my community that this is my audiobooks and paper plates season of life. We’re using audiobooks for everything we can. 😉
    Did I tell you that we’re doing Zoology 1 in audio this year and I’m blown away by how much my kids are retaining just listening to it? 😀

  6. Winnie
    @ 1:48 pm

    Any plan for the botany audiobook? We love your audiobooks

  7. Tawny
    @ 2:19 am

    Hi, just checking back to see how the botany audio book was coming along (not to be pushy, I just know how amazing it was to have the other science books in audio format and was I was really hoping to have it this year). Is there anyway possible to purchase it? We (our co-op) decided to do botany this year and we will be stating in 2 weeks I know that most of the families in our co-op will buy it for this year’s science class if it’s available.
    Thanks for all your fantastic work! You really make science come alive!

  8. Claire Griffiths
    @ 6:25 pm

    Yes, another vote for the Botany Audio book, please! 🙂 Not sure how on earth am I going to pronounce all those names! :-/

  9. Jackie Fisher
    @ 5:53 am

    LOL! My thoughts exactly! We would love this for the upcoming school year as well. 🙂 I keep checking back weekly to see if it shows up in the online store. :-0

  10. Amy Atkinson
    @ 10:05 pm

    Next year 2019 or next school year.v🧐 We sure would love for the botany audiobook to be available.

  11. Amy Atkinson
    @ 10:44 pm

    My children love your audiobooks. They retain so much when they listen along with the books. Any idea when botany will be ready? We would love to start it this year.😬

  12. JeannieFulbright
    @ 6:37 pm

    Yes! They should be complete by next year.

  13. Tawny
    @ 4:21 am

    I love the audio CDs!!! I wish you’d do all of the texts books. Do you have any plans to complete the set?

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