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  1. LindaI
    @ 1:26 pm

    Jeannie –

    I bought your Zoo 2 and 3 the other week and I just wanted to tell you how BLESSED I am to own your science books! I have all of them and have not DONE any yet! lol My dd is 5 and I am holding out until next year to start but I have purchased them all. I love to read them myself and learn! I cannot wait to share them with my kids but for now am soaking up all the Biblically presented Science myself! Thank you for another amazing book!

  2. MayTheyBeMightyMen
    @ 3:32 am

    Jeannie, I thoroughly enjoyed this entry. I just recently prayed through the good works that God prepared in advance for me. What an amazing thing to function in the way God made me, with Him working in and through me.

    What a great reminder for us to be looking for the ministry He has for us, but also to remember that our kids are made the same way. I want to pray more about how I can be instrumental in preparing them for what God may have for my boys down the road. :’) That’ll be a neat conversation. It will add another dimension to why we homeschool.

    Thanks for the “nudge” in this area. I appreciate when you share.


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