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  1. Anonymous
    @ 4:20 pm

    Wow, you actually have plans for your family’s homeschooling? Man, I hope we can be like you when we grow up! Thanks for posting and acknowledging the award. Hope all is well in Hotlanta. -jayfromcleveland

  2. Anonymous
    @ 2:05 pm

    WOW! Great plans so far and thank you for sharing their ages and their strengths as readers, etc. I love the fancy-shmancy word for our learners (or at least our goal). I would love to know your books for the boys regarding wars & battles. I have to strong readers (8 & 10)who love this type of book, too. We’re beginning with Ancients this year and sad to say I’ve never ‘assigned’ reading to my boys for history. I’ve always read aloud. I thought their pleasure reading was enough as they did that by choice for a couple hours a day. This year we’re striving for INDEPENDENCE. Great job and again, a million-zillion thank you’s for your help. Any tips of your excel schedule would be great—something for me to model our new year or just get a glimpse inside another home.
    Teresa in NC

  3. Anonymous
    @ 1:17 pm

    jeannie, thank you for your post! i’m a newbie but already am a homeschool junkie! =) i’ve got a question for you. my oldest is going into first grade and is reading probably at a second grade level. one of my goals this coming year is to establish the habit of narration. how should i schedule it. should i pick a book (like aesop fables) and have him narrate from it once a week. or do i have him narrate from everything we read? and how do i keep our reading times from becoming tedious by all the narrations required. requiring too many narrations or requiring a paragraph by paragraph narration of a book can become tiring.
    thank you for any tips!

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