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  1. Anonymous
    @ 1:08 pm

    Hi Jeannie,
    I know the original post was from last year. I'm just wondering: how did the more detailed plan work? I've considered doing the same thing myself for my kids. Is there any way you could post a pdf version of your detailed plan? The link I clicked came up with gibberish. Thanks, Becky B.

  2. Michelle
    @ 7:38 pm

    Hi Jeannie,
    I just noticed you are now a student at Liberty U. My husband now teaches in their online program, seminary level (mostly Baptist History). You’ll have to let me know if you take a course under him.
    We’re still using your science books.
    Michelle from Classed (remember Classed?)

  3. Jeannie Fulbright
    @ 3:03 pm

    Age for the schedules:
    The General Schedule was for a third or fourth grader. The Specific Schedule was for my sixth grader.

  4. jnscrotsley
    @ 2:31 pm

    Thanks for taking the time to post your schedule! I love to read all the information you share. I love to see what others are doing. I was curious what age (in general) was this schedule written for?



  5. Jeannie Fulbright
    @ 12:48 pm

    It does take a little while. However, it’s easier with subjects that you can just write down the next lesson. It’s harder when the lessons are more complicated, like with writing and such. But it’s worth it for what it does to your school year.

  6. Sarah Joy
    @ 12:47 pm

    WOW! I am getting ready to do my own lesson planning. last year we didn’t do very well with everything I had planned in my own teacher planner, because well… um… I kept forgetting to look at it and we got so behind. I need to be more disciplined, but I think that if I have something for my son to actually look at and know what he needs to do everyday instead of me telling him, then he would do very well with that and things would get done. Can you tell me, how long did it take you to do all that? writing all the pages for each subject? That had to have taken forever!!! 🙂

  7. onebeggarsbread
    @ 7:55 pm

    This post came at the perfect time! We are just moving from “Relaxed Classical” education (where my three boys and myself do almost all of our learning together) to my oldest two needing to some of their assignments on their own. Your ideas will help me in making planning books for my boys! Thank you!

  8. Robin
    @ 3:49 pm

    Hi Jeannie, Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. I am very interested in seeing your schedule format as this method works well for my kids too. I have trouble with the Excel form that I use and so would love to see what you are using. I can’t imagine planning so far ahead though. Any suggestions for how to not make that so overwhelming? I have tried to click on the link you provided and it does not work. It goes to Google documents and says the page is not found. Any help you can throw my way would be such a blessiing! Thanks!

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