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  1. Debra A.
    @ 12:02 am

    Love these ideas. Our tradition is to get woken up with a morning present — many times, something new to wear that day. My mother did it for me, especially on weekday birthdays.

    I do remember, however having a difficult time when I was 22 and away from home on my birthday that year. My one and only gift from my parents was a vacuum cleaner that I didn’t open until evening. I shed some “poor me” tears. But a little “education” from mom for my poor husband-to-be would have helped carry on or at least invent a new birthday tradition.

    Carry on! These are memories they will cherish.

  2. southerngirlmusings
    @ 1:59 pm

    Sweet traditions….a friend at my former church would decorate the door to the birthday child’s room in whatever they were into at that moment, even when home from college, they still look and wait for mom’s decorations.

  3. Daddys Chicks
    @ 2:20 pm

    At our home we wake up the birthday person (in the last year mom and dad get waken up on their birthday too :)) with a cup-cake and the happy birthday song. Everyone easts a cup-cake in the birthday persons bed. Then we all snuggle together. it warms my heart thinking about it. Thanks for sharing.

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